Guidelines for Flameproofing Decorations - and What You Need to Know

Nothing is more attractive to the public than a stylish, decorated business. It makes customers feel at home and comfortable – which means better business for you.  While it’s important to make sure your business location is aesthetically pleasing, it’s also important for it to be safe as well. In particular, fire safety is of priority importance. It’s definitely possible to have a place that’s beautiful and safe, one that meets FDNY standards for fire safety. Today we will discuss how.

The Ins and Outs of the Flameproofing Process

Nothing gets your attention like hearing about a tragic fire. In a matter of seconds, our minds run through a whole line of questions: How did it start? Was anyone hurt? How bad was the damage? Thankfully, devastating fires aren't usually an everyday occurrence, and part of the reason that is true is because of flameproofing.  We don't hear about flameproofing very often because the tragedies that flameproofing has prevented doesn't make the news. The act of fireproofing is getting more notice these days, yet many people still have questions as to what's involved.  Today, we will address and answer some of those questions.

The Tragedy of the Winecoff Hotel Fire in Atlanta

While tragedies occur in our society every day, there are few that incur such widespread damage the way that a fire does. From property to loss of life, the potential for a fire to disrupt lives across a broad spectrum is almost incomprehensible. Sadly, here in America, we've had our share of devastating fires. While these tragic events were heart-wrenching, we have learned some valuable lessons from them, ones that have made us smarter and safer when it comes to fires. One of those fires took place at the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia back in 1946.

The Tragedy of the Iroquois Theater Fire in Chicago